Friday, December 24, 2010

The Beginning of a Great Thing

Hello World

Welcome to my newly established blog that will focus on essential applications (in my opinion) for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. With upcoming updates, I'll review new apps as they hit the app store and consider the importance of each one, and whether or not they are worthy of occupying your precious home screens. I plan to keep the ball rolling as much as possible as I'll continue to test each app that makes a splash in the app store or catches my eye and share it with all of you that come across my pages. Keep checking back as this is one of my many resolutions for the upcoming 2011 year, and I'll bring new content here as much as possible.

About Me

Now that introductions are underway, let me introduce myself. My name is Shawn, and I am a 22 year old college student attending Plattsburgh State University. I'm following a Computer Science / Programming / Design curriculum, and programming has started to become a big thing for me as I plan to follow that into a occupation. Some might say that I'm a tech junkie (and that may be correct) because I've engrossed myself into the electronics/tech world, always trying to stay on top with the new ideas and products hitting each of our lives at such an exponential rate. I'm a frantic iPhone user that would be lost without his phone, that uses the features in many walks of life. I gain knowledge by experience, and I try to experience as much as possible. Add a bit of creativity and intuition, and we'll together look at the future with both sides of our brains.

What I Hope This Blog Will Accomplish

The sole purpose of this blog is to look at the upcoming and noteworthy apps within the Apple App Store. The first few posts will most likely be of my personal Top Essential Apps, and as time progresses, look at individual apps as they hit the App Store in a more in depth approach. I look forward to comments and feedback and I will try my best to be present routinely to talk to anyone that wishes to. I expect this blog to change dramatically as time goes on as well, as I will most likely be making changes to improve my site as much as possible. Thank for your patience in advance, and I hope you enjoy this blog! :D